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We understand the importance of your child's prescribed medications

  • Due to the number of prescription refill request we receive on a daily basis, we ask that parents plan ahead, and ask for prescription refills before their child's medication runs out. 

  • Please understand that we do not refill or write new prescriptions after office hours are finished.  We do not have access to charts outside the office and will not be able to refill or prescribe medication without viewing your child's chart first.

  •  We are reluctant to prescribe or refill antibiotics without first seeing your child, since this could lead to overlooking of more serious illnesses. If you feel that an antibiotic is necessary, your child will likely require personal attention.

  • If your child is taking a controlled medication, we require a 72 hour notification to have the prescription ready.

  • Please have you pharmacy name and phone number available when your call the office to request a refill

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