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We are Excited to have you

Join the Youthcare Family

Please complete the appropriate paperwork so we can get you all set up in our system.

If you are expecting, please complete the “Child Information” packet of information. Everything is included for your convenience. Please bring your paperwork along with your driver’s license and insurance card to your first visit

If you are transferring from another practice, please complete one  “Child Information” packet for each child transferring to Youthcare. In order to facilitate the transfer of records, please mail or drop off the registration paperwork to our office at your earliest convenience. We will need this information and records before scheduling any well visits.

Child Information

Please complete one "Child Information" form for EACH child you would like to register as a new patient at Youthcare

HIPAA Compliance
Spanish Form

Health Information Release

For Additional Convenient Resources, click below:

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