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We know your time is valuable, as is quality healthcare for your child.  We prioritize both, without sacrificing either.

YouthCare Pediatrics works on an appointment basis; therefore, we ask that you call for appointments during our regular office hours. Frequently, your child will need an appointment in the morning or afternoon or may need to be seen immediately when you call. We realize this and will do our very best to see your child as quickly and conveniently as possible after your call.


When you Arrive for Your Appointment:

Please understand that in a busy medical practice, delays are inevitable.  Unpredictable nursery, hospital emergencies, or office visits will occur and will often require more time than anticipated.  

We place great emphasis on seeing our patients promptly.  Your child's well-being is our primary concern; please bear with us during any unexpected delays.

If your child doesn't have an appointment:

We will treat children without appointments, but they will have to be worked in around those who do have appointments.

If you are unable to keep you appointment:

Please notify us within a reasonable amount of time so that we may reassign your appointment time to another patient.

Please understand that many busy clinics  assess a charge against patients who fail to show up for appointments without prior cancellation.

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